contingencies and work in progress

requested soundtrack of short film now on soundcloud. p.s. thanks people for the positive reactions at the screening:)

[for proust] the quality of language is more important than any system of ethics or aesthetics…
form is the concretion of content, the revelation of a world.

Samuel Beckett, Proust (New York: Grove Press, 1957), p. 67.  via Judith “Syntax Upended in Opposite Corners’ Alterations in Beckett’s Linguistic Theories. p. 123 

"Here form is content, content is form… . His writing is not about something; it is that something itself.”The identification of form and content encourages Beckett to emphasize the structure of his own works and the shapes of his ideas: “I am interested in the shape of ideas even if I do not believe in them. .. . It is the shape that matters.”5  

kijken naar afrukkende sukkels, en dood gaan als een moderne jonge bungalowbewoonster, zorgvuldig

—…Maar ik stond op de stoep van de kroeg, wol dacht ik tevreden, toen ik zachtjes in haar lange oren beet. fragment uit Gulliver onder de Reuzen in Wie wat vind heeft slecht gezocht, R. Kopland, 1972

made with new software and homemade instrument (thumb harp by stefan!! made for my birthday!) this is a recording of the first experiment/arrangement/jam sung/played/composed by me with this Kalimba (thumbharp), however imperfect, i enjoyed using the thumbharp with it’s warm sound and awkward tonality

digital organ high jam. 

organ: low jam